In response to Lewandowski and Kane.. Invitations for the Arab teams to be the captaincy in the colors of the Palestinian flag in the Qatar World Cup

Arab tweeters – via the social networking site Twitter – called on the leaders of the Arab teams participating in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to wear the leadership badge in the colors of the Palestinian flag, after the leaders of European teams announced wearing leadership badges to support certain campaigns with political or ideological implications.

And the captain of the Polish national team, Robert Lewandowski, announced two days ago his intention to wear a leadership armband bearing the flag of Ukraine – which was gifted by Ukrainian football legend Andrei Shevchenko – at the World Cup, as a way of support for the country that has been suffering from the Russian war since last February.

As for the England team, it announced last Wednesday that it had joined an anti-discrimination campaign, which has so far included 9 European teams, in which they will participate in wearing a badge with certain connotations in the World Cup in Qatar, pointing out that team captain Harry Kane will start wearing this badge since the England match this evening, Saturday, against Italy in a league European nations.

Three days ago, the tweeters interacted with the “#Leadership_Badge_of_Palestine” hashtag, during which they demanded that the leaders of the Arab teams wear a leadership badge bearing the Palestinian flag, to express their solidarity with the Palestinian cause and deliver it to the whole world in such an international forum, denouncing the West’s double standards in sports.

One of the tweeters wrote, “We want our demand to reach all the Arab teams, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Tunisia. We wish you to put the flag of Palestine on the leadership badge. They wanted the World Cup to deliver their poisonous messages, and we will remind them of their crimes in Palestine.”

A Kuwaiti tweeter said, “I wish our Arab teams would wear the insignia of support for Palestine. Glory be to God, here lies the contradiction. They themselves demand not to involve politics in sports, and they are the first to enter it.” Our Arab teams in the World Cup by placing the flag of Palestine on the leadership badge.”

In turn, a tweeter from Jordan commented, “The Europeans also support Ukraine – which has not reached a point from what Palestine and the destruction is experiencing – with all forms of support. We must convey this message to all Arab teams and Arab players, that a leadership badge should be worn that supports Palestine.”

As for the Egyptian engineer, Mustafa Shawky, he tweeted, “Since Lewandowski will wear a leadership armband with the flag of Ukraine, why don’t we conduct a media campaign for the Arab countries to wear a leadership armband (with the flag) of Palestine,” adding, “You start by sharing this flag and, God willing, our voice will reach, because the topic It has become very provocative by the double standards of the West.”

It is noteworthy that until now, no official decision has been issued by the International Football Association “FIFA”, regarding whether the leaders of European teams will be allowed to wear the leadership armbands that they announced.

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