Broad solidarity with a Muslim girl who secretly filmed while praying in a hospital in India


Indian social networking sites were buzzing after news circulated about a police investigation with a Muslim girl who prayed in an empty room in a hospital in northern India.

The video of the incident spread widely, and was watched by more than a million people on social media within hours, and the video showed a Muslim girl praying in an empty room in a hospital in the city of Allahabad in the state.

And the account of the Allahabad police – in the state of Uttar Pradesh, where the incident occurred – announced in an official statement via Twitter, that the girl who appeared in the video did not commit any crime by praying, so no investigation will be launched against her.

Despite the issuance of this statement, the mere circulating of news of the police investigation into the incident caused a wide interaction and solidarity with the girl through the communication platforms.

Indian parliamentarian Asaduddin Owaisi shared the video, commenting on it, “If some people go with their family to the hospital, and one of them prays on a side far from the people without causing harm to anyone, what is the problem with that? Doesn’t the Uttar Pradesh police have another job to do?” Are we now recording reports against worshipers?”

For his part, the Indian writer and author Varun Grover said: Now it has become a crime to mention God even in the hospital, if these “charges” are leveled against all worshipers of all faiths then every hospital in the country should be renamed “Central Prison”.

In turn, the Indian journalist, Ritubarna Chatterjee, demanded that the video shooter be punished, describing him as a “horrific person”, adding, “The person who secretly filmed a video of a woman praying for a family member in hospital should be arrested.”

The Indian journalist attacked the police, saying, “Are the police getting stupid day by day? What is the crime here? Why are they wasting time discussing reports like this? At a time when they are asking many rape survivors to go home, and choose to reconcile with the criminals.”

The restrictions and attacks targeting Muslims in India increased and took various forms during the past months, in light of a weak response from the Hindu nationalist government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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